Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte: Blog en-us Photographer Of Life, LLC (C) Anne Barhyte Fine Art Photography 2009-2018 (Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte) Tue, 06 Jun 2017 07:26:00 GMT Tue, 06 Jun 2017 07:26:00 GMT Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte: Blog 83 120 I am a photographer or am I? Lately, I have been finding myself saying "I am a photographer" often to describe what I do.   I recently have been meeting a lot of new people as I started dating again and the question comes up a lot.  I caught myself wondering can I really identify with this and what goes on in the mind of another person when I say this?  Does that really describe who I am and/or what I do?  I wondered to myself, if someone who isn't a photographer heard that, what is it they think a photographer actually is?  What do they visualize?  A person clicking a button telling you to smile?  A person with a bunch of camera gear?

One time, when I first started out, I remember seeing a guy shooting at a location I was at. And I swear I think he had 5 or 6 cameras strapped to him.  I just couldn't help think to myself, really?  Is that necessary?  HAHAHA.  I also remember feeling inadequate many times, because I had no idea about gear or lighting, or even how to pose someone.  But ya have to start somewhere right? So I just jumped into it with all I had or knew (which wasn't much in hindsight).

Getting back to the "I am a photographer".  The reason I bring this topic up, is because I can't help but wonder what other people think a photographer actually is.  Today, we live in a world where everyone seems to have a camera, and a cell phone.  Hey some cell phones can take capture a half decent picture.  Then cell phones have editing apps so people even learn some basic edit skills.  Does this make a person a photographer?  I didn't come here to knock those folks or self starters, tho I do have to say "I own a hammer and I can hammer a nail, but it certainly doesn't make me a carpenter".  

I am sure the word "photographer", like most words today, has different meanings to different people.  So I wanted to share what goes on in my head when people ask me, "What do you do as a photographer"? As it really seems so vague these days.  

To me, I am not just a photographer, but a visual artist.  

For some shoots I have clients who come to me with their vision.  Other times I have my own concepts that I would like to shoot.  But even if a client comes to me with their vision, I still may help them realize their vision.  Also, some clients have no concept in mind, they just would like me to capture their essencse and they have seen my work and style and want me to create the images for them.  

A look into some creative shoots

I plan photoshoots, and location scout.  This is a skill.  You have to first visualize a concept, then you need to find the right location for the concept.  It could take a day or weeks to find the right spot.  Yes, I have done this.   Then there are thoughts about how much space do I have at the location.  (this can determine which lens i might use). Do I need to get a permit? Are there restrictions on shooting at this location?  How far in is the shoot, do I have to walk a while?  Do I need to carry all the gear to the location? 

Then you have to think about which is the appropriate gear for the concept.  Ambient lighting (time of day if outside), and off camera fill lighting.  Do I need to overpower the sun?  Do i want sharp contrasty light or soft light?  What kind of light diffuser should I use?  Which lens would work best.  Should I add some color gel in the shoot?  So I add some creative effects?  

Then there is what kind of model or subject? Can I get the exact right model with the look I want for the shoot.   What should they wear?  Do they know how to pose, are they experienced?  If not, its going to take more work to get them into a vision.  Where would i get their clothing, or how do I get it?  Do I need to make something costumey, do I need to bring props?  

Can or do I need anyone to assist? Hold my lights? Do I need makeup artists to help?  Will I be able to get someone to help me and collaborate or will I have to pay someone?  

Then there are the elements and the shoot.  A plethora of things can go wrong and things can break.  Yes, I have learned that the hard way, since I can tend to be a clutz, as I am not really paying attention.  But then actually emotionally, connecting with the people that I might be photographing.  Seeing them the way I see them may be totally different than another. 

Then there is editing.  This is my least favorite part of the entire process.  Tho I am decent at it, someone help please????? LOL.  

After the shoot, are there prints involved?  Do I want to display them?  Do I want to get them into any kind of publication? If there are prints involved, collaborate with vendors for the right types of products. Also delivery of product either digital or prints to clients. 

The above is really over simplifying a lot of what can take place in an artistic photographers realm (maybe not in all but in mine).  There are other skills necessary to make this entire orchestrated event happen and smoothly.  But the idea that I wanted to get across to people is, being a photographer, is not really about cameras and pushing buttons.  A camera is a mere tool, as a paintbrush is to a painter.    This is not to minimize the importance of knowing how to best use one's camera.  Also, I have learned thru the years of experience and practice, that quality gear does matter.

With all that said, ultimately, each of us has our own perception and see things differently and within that is our own unique vision. 

Note:  A photographer who is great at editing their images, doesn't necessarily make them a great photographer either tho it can make them a great editor/artist.  Images that are heavily edited evolves a photograph. Some photographers can be not so great in getting the image in camera but terrific in post process and editing.  

I am....a visual artist/photographer.  

"To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression" — Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Can you take a picture for us, you're the professional! Tonight I was at  friends party and someone handed me a point and shoot and said "Take a picture for us, you're the photographer".  I looked at the thing and was thinking to myself, WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH THIS THING?  HA.  I then remembered how I had wanted to do this blog for a while now but kept forgetting about it. 

I took the tiny specimen in my hand and looked at it thinking to myself, what the heck am I supposed to make with this thing?  And sort of nervously laughed to myself.  I remembered this feeling a few times, the pressure to perform because I am the "Pro" after all.  But other times I was at an outing with my huge camera dangling from my side and people have handed me their DSLR cameras.  I guess they thought I would know what to do, since I "looked" like I knew what I was doing with my camera.  

But I have news for folks, I don't typically like performing on demand for people especially those who aren't paying me and just hand me their camera and expect magic results.  Aside from creatively, I just don't work like that, but more so because my camera, is MY camera  MY MY camera.  Yes, I repeated that on purpose.  It has taken me years to get used to my own gear and set it to where I can make it perform how I want it to.  Well sometimes anyway.  A small example can just be my focus button.  I use a different button for focusing.  So when I actually hit the shutter, all it does it take the picture.  I also have my focus functions set a certain way to perform as I want them too.  Then there are all sorts of other controls set to my liking and here's a NEWS FLASH.  While most camera's might have the capability for these settings, they are in different menu's and just in different locations.  I take a while to set up a camera the way you want it to work for you.  Let's not forget about lighting and well we won't even go into on discussing camera flash.  Let's just be honest, its also a whole lotta other things that come into mind when I prep for a shoot, creative vision is the most important.  

So needless to say, sure you can give me your point and shoot and ask me to click the button if it's on auto mode.  Don't expect me to try and configure your camera to do wonderful things in a minute or even how to work your camera.  It would be safe to say, not to expect the same results as if we were doing a session together and I was using my camera. 

Just in case ya didn't know. ;)  

Note:  This is not what my friends did tonight, when they handed me the camera.  They just wanted a button pushed, but no doubt, however many times it's the latter. 

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Making Headdresses and Headpieces for shoots

I am super crazy about head pieces. I love how they look in shoots.  Feather ones are great but really elaborate ones are even better.  I have purchased a few feather ones (like one you see above), a native american one, and some floral ones.  However, of course the ones I really like, that are really unique and elaborate are really really expensive.  Cha-ching!  MS G Designs has some of the most unique pieces I have seen.  Sadly, I can't afford her work tho.  

I have an upcoming shoot where I thought I would love to incorporate something really unique so I thought maybe now its time to put on my "crafting" hat and perhaps make my own.  I hopped onto my computer and googled it.  Youtube has tons of DIY videos on the topic.  Some of the coolest ones I found were sadly in another language but at least you can watch and see what they were doing and get an idea.  In either case, I did find this easy to follow video which I wall also embed below. 

I guess I need to hit up some craft stores and will come back and let you know how it went.  I will post an update to this blog after I attempt it.  Wish me creative luck.   This could be fun.


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Published in Empower, Magazine - Issue Diversity I said in the beginning of 2016 that I am going to bring it up a notch.  Not far into the year, early February and am excited to announce some exciting news

Some recent photoshoot work has been published in Empower Magazine.  Not only is one of my images on the cover but I am also first time featured photographer for this issue.  The issue focuses on Cultural Diversity which is right up my alley.  I love what so many different cultures have to offer in the form of fashion, food, jewelry, and all around flavor and passion of the people.  I had the chance to work with some very talented ladies.  Ashley Symone is a powerful model and we are excited to have made the cover.

On another note, the other lovely ladies I got to work with was a special project organized by Jojo Sanchez, and each of them also were published in this issue as well.  I am honored to have worked with them all.  Thanks so much ladies.

Link to Diversity Issue of Empower, buy or preview your copy here

So many thanks to the models and MUA's in these. 
Model: Ashley Richie - HMUA -self
Model: Jojo Sanchez - MUA- Jasmine Thompson

Model: Shaelyn Mercer - HMUA - self
Model: Rana Rocky - HMUA -self
Model: Janessa Stevens - MUA- Jasmine Thompson


Here are the tear sheets of each published page. Click on each thumbnail to see the  LARGER FULL size Image and text



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I have been nominated as Denver Colorado's Best Portrait Photographer on Denver's A-List  

Totally excited that I have been nominated for Denver's best portrait photographer.  This includes headshots, boudoir, newborns, families, pets...and so on.  I am very passionate about photographing people and helping them look their best.  New to my portfolio is portrait personal branding.  An entire session created to help you manage your brand using imagery. 

I would love if you could take a moment to vote by clicking the link below.  The voting is open until March 2016.  They will be announcing the winners then.  There are about 128 great photographers listed so no doubt it will be tough.  I can use all the votes I can get. ;)  Thank you so much in advance for your support.  I will check back to provide an update if I win. 


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The beauty that you don't see...YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK There have been many times a client might tell me, after seeing the images I made for them, "but it doesn't look like me".  

Typically, I had felt as I had done something wrong.  I always seek to have my clients thrilled with their images so I assume they are telling me they don't like them.  I have been trying to get the answers as to how or why they think it doesn't look like them.  This happened to me on a few occassions and most recently my client seemed to think the same thing and want the images unedited.  Typically, my editing process consists of some color corrections, fix flyaway hairs, and some skin softening.  Adjusting light or shadows and some sharpening in some areas.  So when they say it doesn't look like me, I couldn't help but ponder, what am I doing wrong? Even without editing my clients still looked the same, at least to me.  I found out it wasn't that I was making them look bad, the images they thought looked too "good". However, isn't that my job?  I have even had men tell me, you make me look GREAT!  I love that response tho.  Not when a client is disappointed.

It struck me today, while this may not always be the case but in some cases it is.  One is, I shoot to flatter a person. I typically find his or her best look/side.  I even think of lighting when I do this.  Depending on skin type and body shapes I light my clients differently.  I might even pose them differently.  Then I do some basic retouching as mentioned above.  The other is that they don't see themselves the way I do.  I may see them differently so I photograph them that way.  There was a very good example of this done by Dove back a few years ago.  Women were asked to describe themselves to an artist (who couldn't see them) so that he could draw them.  Then a stranger would describe that person to the artist and he again would draw them....the results..NOT the same. 

Check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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2015 Lantern Fest Fun in Colorado Springs On Saturday, I went to the Lantern fest in Colorado Springs (Fountain CO) with some friends.  It was my first time attending one of these events.  They have them through out the USA in several states.  

Friends and I headed out early enough to get there thinking here would be crazy traffic (like the renaissance festival), however it wasn't bad as we thought.  We arrived around 3:30 pm, thinking we could get a spot, and settle in.  However, it appeared alot of people were already there.  We entered the race track area and waited on line for our lantern and a smores kit which was included, with a stuck.  In the box was a lighter for your lantern, a marker to write on it, and stuff to make smores.  the next step was trying to figure out which way they were going to go, the lanterns once they went up.  It was hard to figure out because it appeared that the wind would change directions several times.  Anyway, we found a spot and set up for the long wait and I went and hit up a food truck, but I would suggest bringing your own, the lines were extremely long.  But I did get a nice quesadilla.  

The anticipation was killing people I think.  It was pitch dark for a while, but they didn't want to start until 6:45 ish.  They kept saying over the microphone to wait.  They wanted everyone to launch at the same time.  But you know this never stopped people. HA.  Anyway, finally it was time.  The minute they announced that everyone should light theirs up, the entire place lit was pretty neat.  Then, I went crazy taking pictures.  I didn't want to light one up, I just wanted to take pictures of it.

I have seen pictures prior to going and thought it was pretty cool, but video and pictures just dont do it justice.  It was kind of magical like. The lanterns rose and went in one direction but when they rose higher they drifted above us back in our direction.  It was like a dance of lanterns.  By the time they rose pretty far up they looked like yellow glowing stars.  

It def takes special settings to capture this correctly as the lanterns are moving so you still need a faster speed setting.  Next time, I will also bring a wide angle lens, because even at 24mm, I couldnt get it all in frame.  #lanternfest#colorado

It was a fun night, and well I do have a few lessons learned for next time.

Here is a video from my cell and below are some images from the night. IT MIGHT TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD.


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Katelynn High School Senior Session One of my clients whom I did a headshot session with called me about her daughters HS pictures.  I love when clients come back to work with me again.  Her daughter, Katelyn a HS Senior is a beauty.  I had my hair and makeup artist, Edith, meet at their home to help set the day in motion .  Her mom wanted it to be an extra special day for her so she she got the works.  Edith does terrific work.  I captured a few images and one when Katelynn saw herself for the first time after her makeover.

So, after she got dressed we headed out to do our session and got in about an hour shooting when some clouds rolled in.  An early evening storm threatened for a while but we continued to shoot.  Finally, it started to drizzle a bit, so we headed back to the cars to wait things out.  We were pretty lucky because even tho it looked like it was going to pour, it only drizzled and then let up. So we waited it out a bit and were able to continue our session.  I bring a changing booth with me on location for multiple outfits.  So, it was a perfect opportunity to change as well.

We headed back out before it got too dark.  At some point after capturing a few images, I showed her mom the back of the camera and she started crying.  That always gets to me, seeing others cry. So I started getting teary eyed too.  Its not a great session until someone cries. ;)   Anyway, a few clouds cleared up enough to see some orange in the sunset, and we then got some shots of Katelynn in her  cheerleader uniform before.  We continued the session another day in the studio for a few more images.  Her Mom brought me flowers.  I almost cried, it was the first time I got flowers from my clients.  Its the small things that really make what I do worth while.  Here's a few from our awesome session.









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Body Art Photography - Denver's Black Tape Event 2015 I had seen a few images posted on FB of artists using black tape (and colored) to create artistic works on people.  I thought it would be great to photograph.  I am very open to photographing people from all walks of life and lifestyles.  So I signed up.  The event was set up and ran by Andrew Hashman, a photographer himself.  

I arrived and set up, not sure what to expect, since it was the first time I had ever done anything like this.  There were several artists (the tapers), and models.  Some artists did several people.  There were also several photographers.  We each set up backdrops and waited for the models to be finished.  The idea was after we spent about 2-3 hours photographing them, they would have a walkway.  We could also then photograph them as well, but at this time was open to the public.  It was like an underground club.  

I didn't know anyone personally so this was a bit awkward, but ...I do it for my art.  The art of photographing interesting subject matter or people. 
I am glad I had the opportunity to experience it.  Here are some of my favorite images I created from the night.

The event invite read: 

Join the artistic revolution that is The Black Tape Project Denver! This exclusive event is Artists, Models and Photographers from 4pm - 8pm. Then the real fun begins from 8pm to 1am with an ultra VIP 100 person cocktail reception and Black Tape Runway Walk at 9:30 and 11pm.

Click on each image to see larger size


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Social Media Shenanigans with Joel Comm & Chris Brogan Recently, I was invited by Susan Allard, a friend and a headshot client of mine to attend a Girls on fire networking event.  There, I had connected with the awesome Sabrina Risley,  CEO & Co-founder of CERTUS™ Professional Network.  CERTUS has hosted more than 700 networking events since 2003 and have welcomed 20,000+ professionals to their events.  Sabrina invited me to be a sponsor and to photograph a huge networking event that she was planning for.  Social Media Shenanigans meetup with Joel Comm and Chris Brogan.  The event in their words "Basically, it's a meetup... it's networking... it's social media... and it's a party featuring Northern Colorado's best and brightest social media and business superstars! It's a time to get out from behind our Facebook and Twitter profiles to become truly social in face-to-face relationships, because that is where REAL value can grow."  I thought it a great opportunity to meet new folks, and get to show off some of my photography skills. 

I invited my photographer friend, Roger Williams, to come shoot too since it was such a big event, aside from the facts that he is very talented and new to Colorado.  I thought it a great opportunity to also get his name out and meet new folks too.

Well I must say WOW, I have never been to a networking event like this one.  We took pictures of the event talks, folks mingling, product, etc.  There was also a banner wall, where Roger set up his light to capture images of folks in front of.  Also, someone I met, Tracy Malone bought a bunch of red noses for the Red Nose day charity, you can find out more about it here.  So if you see pictures of people with red noses, you know why.  I could feel the great vibe of the event.  So many smiling faces, people happy to get their picture taken.  Everyone all around seemed to be enjoying themselves.  What a great opportunity to meet people of social businesses.  No doubt it was quite a bit of work but I enjoyed it nonetheless because of the sheer joy that engulfed us.  I even met so many great folks for example, I talked with another X-New Yorker.  Only to find out, Mr Tom Terwilliger, was also a former Mr America.   It was great to meet him and his lovely wife, Dawn.

There is not much I can say that will do better than just seeing the pictures.  I think they say it all.  

These two images were captured by my new friend Evelyn and her hubby during the event with her cell phone. First one of me and Evelyn, and the other of me and one of the guests, Tom. 














Here are the AWESOME images Roger captured.  Click here and here

Here is a slideshow of my images from the event.  (please wait for them to load)




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Snow Softly Falling Continues

Snow Softly falling started at Bella Frame & Art Gallery in Monument in 2014.  It made a temporary stop at Monument's town hall prior to its latest location at Commonwheel Artists Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO.  It was curated by artist, Sherry Brand of Colorado Springs.  Another beautiful show.

The opening was slated for first friday art walk which happened to be a beautiful day as well.  Lots of people out and about for a lovely March day.  The show had lots of visitors.  It includes a marble artist with beautiful sculptures and a clay artists as well which was added by Commonwheel artists co-op.  

I snapped a few quick images to share from the opening reception on March 20th to share with those who couldnt make it.

UPDATE:  I got notification that my piece "the Struggle" sold today.

Click images to see larger version



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Product Food and Drink Shooting A local meetup photography group got together to do some food photography fun.  With many thanks to Teri Virbikis for setting it up, she does a phenomenal job with food photography.  It is not as easy as it seems.  Food photography, like many other genre's of photography, is different.  The details are extremely important and so is setting a stage.   It takes experience and a trained eye.  

Our group meet at D's Tavern in Littleton CO.  Its a fairly new tavern in the area, one I think my husband would enjoy too.  THey had pool tables, games and even have a poker night.   Many thanks to the owners for allowing us to come in and shoot.  The staff was very gracious and helpful too and their Margarita's, lets just say I couldnt help but keep sipping on it and forgot I was also eating the salt off the rim.  This was one detail I kept forgetting.  

While others shoot food for stock photography, or were there for that reason, my reason for doing the shoot was more for fun.  I had less of a focus on stock and more of a focus on marketing for the client/including the background of the tavern in some of the shots.   After the session I have uploaded and sent a link to the owners so they could use some of the image on their social media pages.  I really enjoyed it and some of the images really came out great.  I can certainly take images for companies if they need of their business's for marketing purposes.  Here are some the shots.  

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Cropping Guide Many clients choose to purchase prints and digital files.  When I photograph, I typically use the entire frame of the camera.

Many of the older frame sizes use cropped images.  Cropping is basically removing part of an image to fit a size.  If someone is interested in using frame sizes such as 8x10, 16 x20, 24x30, they would have to crop the image to fit.  When I shoot, I dont' leave much room for cropping in my photo's.  Cropping could negatively effect an images final look.  I always suggest to my clients to use the sizes that are truer to my camera's final digital sizes.  I suggest that clients choose:  4x6, 5x7 (slight crop), 8x12, 12 x 18, 16 x 24, 20 x30 and on.  

Clients can get frames when they purchase products thru me.  Or they can always get them online, frame shops, or even craft stores.  They may not be the most popular sizes, but they are becoming much more popular today.

Here is an example of how cropping can change an image.  Again, I suggest, not to crop an image if you don't have to. 

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions when ordering or regarding crop sizes.  Any orders going thru my website will be checked before they go to the printers for proper cropping.

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An afternoon at the Wild Animal Sanctuary A new year and a clean slate.  Lots of opportunities to shoot and hoping to do more of it this year. 

My dearest friend invited me to go to one of her favorite places, the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, CO.  I have been there once before but I can never get enough of those beautiful wild creatures.  Its over 700 acres of land which allows the animals plenty of space to roam with a mile long walkway that is about 30 feet or so above ground, letting you observe the animals. 

 I checked out their website and came across some interesting videos.  I had no idea what this place was about in its entirety.  I knew they rescued animals but not the level it did.  This place has helped animals from across the globe.  I watched  a documentary that was really good and will post at the bottom of this page. Some of these animals never saw outside of a cage.  Now they have much more space to roam.  

I rented a lens since I had to rent a different one for the prior days shoot.  I rented the Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G VR AF-S NIKKOR Lens.  It was the first generation lens.  I thought it would be too heavy to carry around the 500mm which I would have rather have rented.  I was not very thrilled with the final results.  I should have rented a faster lens.  Many of my images looked a bit blurry.  But, nonetheless it was a great time and perfect weather for January, in the 60s which is strange.  Here are some of he images.



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A Hobbit Genderswap Cosplay Project Shoot In the recent past, a friend of mine and awesome cosplayer, Alyscat Cosplay, set up a group an event to do a shoot of "The Hobbit".  But this would be with a twist.  It was a gender swap.  So basically the female versions of the male characters, dwarves, elves and wizard's O MY!  Well, at least the majority were however, there was one female character that was played by a guy.  

The majority of serious cosplayers work really hard on their costumes, and in many cases make them by hand sewing them together, etc.  NO doubt time effort and money goes in to them.  Hold up, maybe people might ask what is cosplay and why do it?

Simply put, cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.  Many folks know that comic con's have become much more popular these days.  I think cosplay started there.  Ifanboy website  goes more in depth and helps better understand.  From my personal experience.  There are those that love the creative process of creating their own versions of the characters and some who enjoy the performance art piece of it.  Or sometimes both.  I think its a unique experience for each.  If it were me, I think of halloween people love to dress up and be their favorite characters, or something they relate to.

With that said, then once the cosplayers complete this, they love to be able to capture good images of it and share on social media sites.  So a person who has leadership skills will typically set up a shoot where a group can gather with photographers.  I say "photographers" loosely, because sometimes it can just be a person with a "camera" with not much photography background.  However, the skill level can range from PWC (person with camera I call it) to a newbie just getting practice all the way to a professional who just plain enjoys shooting or adding to their portfolio.  

Why do I do these shoots, some might ask?  For me, it has been a great way to practice my photography.  I think it certainly has helped me grow as a professional photographer, always challenging myself to think more creatively, well and lots of practice.  I like the idea of actually doing "creative portrait" work.  Where you work with the scene around you and the person, creating more of a work of art than a typical portrait.  It can be seen as a plus or minus but working with people who have NO experience being behind a camera can certainly sharpen your own "posing" skills.  This is one of the "many" reasons I do.  I have been fortunate enough to only have great experiences, make some lovely new connections and perhaps a few friends out of it all.  I do consider myself fortunate enough to be invited to work with all these creative fun spirits.

I headed out on a Saturday morning happy that the weather was mild for a November.  I swore I wouldnt shoot in the cold anymore.  I drove to a park that was about 25 minutes from my home to meet everyone.  I planned on meeting the cosplayers at a location that did not have parking so I had my husband come and drop me off while he hiked back to meet me.  Oh the things he does for me.  I had hurt my ankle recently and couldnt hike very far.  I got there at perfect timing because they began to arrive shortly after I started scouting the area to set up.  The shoot went smoothly and the weather cooperated.  At the end of the my time shooting, the group passed around a thank you card to the photographers and a thank you gift card to Alycat for working so hard on arranging the entire day and event.  She did an awesome job.  It was really sweet.  I can say it was one of my best cosplay shoots thus far.  Thank you all you awesome cosplayers! ;)

Here are a few images from our Hobbit shoot.  Leave a comment and let me know what ya think.

(Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte) 2014 colorado cosplay denver hobbit ltr thorin Sat, 24 Jan 2015 03:28:23 GMT
It's Miss October to you! In September, I entered a few images for the City of Littleton, CO's 2015 calendar contest. I personally took them over on the last day they were due to drop them off. I literally just made the deadline.  I obviously hesitated for some reason and thinking back I am not sure why.  The criteria of the submissions were that the image had to be taken within the boundaries of Littleton, CO.  The winners were to receive a small cash prize, 10 calendars and publicity via news releases and distribution of 15,000 calendars. The images are chosen by the city’s Fine Arts Board; one image per month.  WOAH 15K!!!

Since I waited so long to submit, It wasn’t long after that I got a call from the city and also a few days later a letter saying one of my images won.    The anticipation of these things always kills me. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit; needless to say I am and was very excited to win.  Thats 223 images and only 13 selected.  It really means something. My month is for October, and I couldn't be more happy.  I LOVE THE FALL!  So...Miss October it is.   I have to say  I am really happy I entered and didn't procrastinate one more day.  I have a lot of friends living in the Littleton area and well I did say 15K!!!. 

Here is the letter I received:

I got an email today reminding me to attend the city council meeting and that Mayor Cernanec will be presenting the winners with a certificate and small gift honoring me as a Guest Citizen. One of the MANY things I LOVE about Colorado is that they appreciate ART!  YAY Littleton. 

I will have to come back and update the blog after attending the council meeting. ;)

Here is the image I submitted and is available for purchase.

(Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte) October art calendar colorado fall littleton photography Mon, 24 Nov 2014 23:09:30 GMT
Shasta a very sweet friend I got a text from a friend who was soon to be client, that Shasta was not doing very well, and fading fast.  Shasta is her daughter, Amanda's dog/best friend/kid.  You know we all call our loved pets our babies.  My cats are still kittens in my eyes.  

I called Amanda quickly and set a date for the coming up weekend because they did not know how much longer she would be okay to photograph.  Whenever I had visited their house, Shasta was one of the first to greet you, then came Panda and Domino. They are true animal lovers and have an alpaca farm with horses too. Shasta is a sweet loving golden retriever and the the largest of the family dogs.  Sadly, she now has some form of Lymphoma cancer and is very sick.  Amanda and the family wanted to capture her essense and make a photo book of images with her her so they can always look back with fond memories.  

Tho this is difficult emotionally for the family and could be sad, I love that I can create these special moments and lasting memories for folks.  I do my best to make it a great experience all around.  This was going to be my very first "dedicated to a pet" session.  I brought my backdrops and lighting setup so we could shoot in the comfort of their home.  I wanted to capture a few posed type images and a few more lifestyle of Amanda and Shasta together. 

Shasta was an angel and I had a talk with her.  I whispered into her ear "don't be scared" and gave her as much love as I could.  We had a talk, her and I.  Amanda did a great job with her.  The other dogs, Panda and Domino were curious enough to jump in on a picture or two as well.  At the end of the shoot, Shasta was ready for a nap.  Much love for sweet Shasta.

Here are a few from the shoot.


Shasta was pooped by ....The end.....

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Baby Braden's Newborn session

I had the privilege to photograph 7 day old, beautiful Braden.  Oh he was so adorable.  I love to photograph newborns babies. I just want to hug and kiss them, and can spend hours with them.  I have more props for newborn shoots than any other type of shoot. I don't have children of my own so it really gives me a chance to be near babies even if for a little while. For Braden, the parents decided to wait until he was born to find out if he was going to be a boy or girl, which meant a gender reveal setup would be great as well for their family announcements.  I also like to get creative (if the clients are open to this) and do something new or unique for each family.  For Braden, since it was so close to the holiday's, I also did a fall/harvest type theme and a Christmas one for their Christmas cards.  I won't be sharing the Christmas one here because they want to send it out to their family as a surprise, but they are so cute and I will have to share later.  Here are just few images from our session.  Many thanks to loving Braden's parents.  His mom was such a rockstar thru the session.  


(Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte) 2014 baby boy child newborn photography Fri, 14 Nov 2014 23:06:26 GMT
2014 Fall Sexy Shoot In between client shoots, I sometimes do practice shoots where I practice some skills or learn something new. Last weekend, I worked with off camera lighting and a softbox on location in mid-day.  I like how the images tend to look more 3 dimensional.  Here are some samples from the shoot.







(Photographer of Life LLC - Anne Barhyte) 2014 autumn colorado denver fall models Sat, 27 Sep 2014 07:49:38 GMT
1st Indian Wedding Festival - Denver One day I came across a "like" on FB by a good friend, Sophia, that was for an Indian Wedding Festival.  It didn't take me a second to add it to my calendar and look into it further.  I always wanted to shoot an indian wedding or even some folks in cultural fashion.  The fashion and culture was always one I personally enjoyed.  And the beauty of the bright colors and people.  I actually have many Indian pieces of jewelry, a few saree's and some bedding imported from India.  

The day of the festival I felt a little lazy. Knowing it was going to be a hot day, I tried to talk myself out of it.  I laid down and took a nap.  About 30 minutes later, Sophia called and asked if I was going.  Needless to say I felt inspired again to go.  We were going to meet up there and spend the day together.  

Having now been to the show, I can say I was extremely happy I didn't skip this event.  It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be.  The dances and folks in fashion were awesome.  Yes, I finally got a chance to photograph this culture, even if it was staged. I still really want to photograph an actual wedding where I have full access to the couple. Everyone was so nice and willing to take pictures.  While I probably didn't get the best spot by the stage for photographing, at least I was still able to get around some of the other cameras, hands with cell phones, Ipads and what have you.  The Denver city building was all lit up too for the show too which made for beautiful color background.  I didn't think i would have stayed to the end but I did. I would have been disappointed if I left early.  The fashion show was at the very end and did not disappoint.  

Here are some images I took at the event.  Thank you every one who let me photograph them, your hard work putting this together and for a fun time.  I hope next year you get even more food vendors too.    I did add a new pair of indian styled earrings to my collection as well.

You can click here to see the photo gallery and download images or view the slide show below.


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