A little about me

Colorado's Creative Portrait Artist & Photographer

I am an artistic portrait, event and fine art photographer dwelling in the Colorado area.

A camera changed how I viewed the world and everything in it. Couple that with a person who is an open book and you will find someone who loves to share what they see with the rest of the world.  

I started out doing mostly landscape and wildlife fine artist photography. The first juried show I entered I won 3 awards thus furthering my drive.  I continue to show my work in galleries and juried competitions.  You can find the listings here. However, my passion grew and I fell in love with photographing people.   I remember my first boudoir session as if it were yesterday.  When my client saw her images she cried.  She couldn't believe how beautiful she was.  She told me it was the way I saw her!  At that moment I was hooked.  Today, I consider it a successful session when my client cries, happy tears as it happens often. 

I believe, we all percieve things and others in life a certain way and moments happen so quickly.  I tend to see the beauty and potential in people. In the past I thought that was to my detriment, however, I have learned that this is my gift.  Creating beautiful art pieces and documenting the events of peoples lives is a gift to me, hence I chose the name of my business "Photographer Of Life".  I not only photograph people, but everything in life. I offer all kinds of sessions, and create images from all life events and in between.  From the birth of a new one, the their HS senior year, to marriage / weddings and even 70th birthday parties.  I also help those who strive to make their visual online presence online with great images of who they are in personal branding sessions and headshots.

With all that said, I can say I pride myself on delivering quality and being someone you LOVE to work with. Your experience means everything to me.  I believe our relationship with people and/or nature is symbiotic. It's not just that I "take good pictures", it's about something deeper.  That moment in time there is an actual relationship that transpires, dependent on one another, which in turn provides the terrific photographic results.  

Please take a moment to browse my portfolio to see some of my work.  My images are artistic interpretations of what I see thru connection, the moment and creative vision.  

Events | Portrait | Personal Branding | Headshots | Couples | Engagements | Family 

I created a slideshow of images showing me in my element so you can get to know me a little.  I have done some pretty adventurous things in order to create that perfect photograph.  My friends sometime sneak images of me and I have taken a few selfies in my day.

Some of my work has been published.  You can find out more here

“The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.” ~ Michael Jackson.

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I would love to hear from you.  Please email me [email protected] or call: (720) 523-3pix (3749)

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