What to Expect with a Personal Branding Session

Once you’ve confirmed your session, we’ll also book a consultation to go over ideas and materials. This meeting lets us plan how best to highlight your brand in photos, along with all the details. I’ll also check in with you via email or text to ensure everything goes smoothly.
The session will focus on activities you do every day in your business. You’ll do these actions a few times for the perfect result. There will likely be outfit changes, providing that’s in our plan. Of course, the session isn’t set in stone, and we may make minor adjustments as creative juices flow.
We’ll have an ordering session set up about a week after your shoot. Between your shoot and ordering session, I’ll cull and edit all your photos. During the ordering session, you’ll pick out the digital negatives you want and any other products you’d like. 

Investing in Yourself and Your Brand
Personal brands center around you as an individual and your specific vibe. How each person expresses their brand is unique, from color schemes to vocal tones. Personal brand photography sets out to capture these perfectly. 
Personal brand photography can happen anywhere related to a brand, from restaurants to homes. We’ll work the best backdrops for your specific brand during your consultation, along with the best props to bring along. 
The value you get from a personal brand photography session is not entirely quantifiable. You can use them in everything from social media to brochures, and you’ll know they represent the values, ideals, and vibe you want all the time. That kind of peace of mind is hard to come by.


5 Reasons to Have a Personal Branding Session

  1. Professional, quality photos
  2. Builds trust and credibility
  3. Creates memorable first impressions
  4. Skyrockets your marketing materials game
  5. Self-investments build business momentum

How to Use Brand Photos in Your Business
In social media posts, especially the visual platforms
On printed materials like brochures
For bio and profile pictures, especially on guest posts and for speaking engagements
All over your website
As part of your email signature

How to Use Personal Brand Photos to Showcase Skills
Skills sound like they’re hard to showcase, especially in the age of photoshop. However, a good personal branding photographer can help solve the problem with some psychology, props, and vision.
For example, a writer likely spends most of their time tapping away on a computer. However, a few pen flourishes and some real paper can add an element to the shoot. If the writer is captured in action with the pen, it’s even more indicative of what that person does.
This planning is why the consultation session is so important. Not only will I be gaining an understanding of your brand, but also an understanding of your skills. Then we can showcase them during your session, and the resulting photos will speak for themselves.


Personal Branding FAQ

  1. I’m really nervous. Is that normal?
    Being nervous is normal for personal branding shoots, especially right before the shoot itself. In fact, I’d say it’s rarer for people not to be worried. You’ll get in the swing of the shoot after the first couple minutes, and then all anyone will see is confidence.
  2. How do I know what looks flattering?
    We’ll discuss outfits as part of your consultation before the session so that you both look good and embody your brand. Additionally, I have a bag of tricks to flatter anyone, and you don’t have to pick photos you don’t feel good about in the end.
  3. I want to use these pictures for my business. Do I have to do something special?
    Nope, your photo session includes a standard business license. You can use these photos wherever you like for your business. I just request you not resell your photos.
  4. Can I bring more than one outfit?
    Absolutely, I encourage you to plan at least three outfits. This number gives you a variety of final photos to choose from.
  5. What types of pictures will I receive from my branding session?
    You’ll receive pictures highlighting your skills, brand, and style from this photoshoot. During your ordering session, you’ll pick the photos you want from all the post-shoot edits.
  6. Do you do outdoor sessions?
    Yes, I do. We can discuss how the outdoors fits in with the personal brand you’re trying to capture.
  7. When will I get my photos back?
    Your ordering session will be about a week after your photoshoot. Any printed products can take up to six weeks to get back.

Personal Branding Session Preparation

Session Preparation Schedule
Planning Ahead
Once you start thinking about a personal branding session, it’s a good idea to start collecting ideas. Whether you prefer to cut out of magazines, start a Pinterest board, or write a list, these choices help us do the personal branding photography session of your dreams. You can look for poses, clothes, hair, props, and more to express your brand.
One Month Before
This time is the brainstorming part, so you’re going to focus on your brand. You’ll take all the things that make your brand unique and write them down. During this period, we’ll schedule your consultation appointment to discuss your brand, outfits, and more before your shoot.
One Week Before
This period is where the physical preparations start. You should have a list of all the outfits, accessories, and props you want to use during your shoot. It’s time to start moving them all into a specific area, so when your shoot comes, you’re ready to roll. We’ll also be texting or emailing to confirm the final details.
Two Days Before
Now is the time to double-check your clothes. Make sure they’ve been laundered and pressed recently per their care instructions. Place them in a garment bag to prevent wrinkles. Additionally, place your shoes in a separate container, so there’s no risk of dirt on your clothes. Accessories and props also need to be stored, so they don’t tangle.
The Night Before
At this point, you’ll need to triple-check your list of items to bring. I recommend only checking something off if it’s packed up already. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, so you look your best for the photos.
The Morning Of
If applicable, you’ll see the hair and makeup artists first. They should have supplied a rough time estimate, so make sure you stick to the schedule. Then, I’ll meet you at your chosen location, and we’ll do your branding photoshoot. It’s all smooth sailing from there.
Clothing Tips
Clothing is an extension of personality, just like your personal brand is. Fashion uses the body as a canvas you design on. Your personal branding photo session combines your brand and style, so what you wear needs to represent both. Below are the top five tips for choosing clothes for your photo session.
Pick things you would wear to work. After all, these photos are going to be part of your personal brand and should reflect your everyday business style.
Use a few different outfits. These outfits can differentiate your photos for various purposes. For example, the most professional shots might be taken in a neutral outfit, while the fun ones might be in your brand colors.
Accessorize. The little details matter in professional photographs. These details include belts, shoes, ties, scarves, cuff links, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc., depending on your outfit selections.
Test drive your outfits. Try on your outfits to see how they feel, especially as you move. You can always change it up if one doesn’t work for you.
Contact me. I’m here to help! You can always email or text me with photos of things you’re considering or to ask for advice. I’ve been doing personal brand photography for years, so together, we can find flattering looks for you.
Hair Tips
Your hair is part of your shoot too, so leaving it to do its own thing is counterproductive. The first step in this journey is finding a hair specialist. If you don’t already have a favorite, I have a list of people I’ve worked with before that clients have raved about.
From there, you should send or show your stylist potential hairstyles you’re considering, along with the basic idea of your photoshoot. Many can work from a single image from a magazine or the internet, so don’t be shy. Ask their opinions on how that style would work with your hair, and even do a test style to see how it looks with your outfits and makeup.
Once you pick a style, your hair specialist should be able to tell you how long he or she needs to set that style up. You’re going to build that time in on the morning of your photo session. Remember to leave enough time to commute.
Makeup Tips
Makeup for a personal branding photo session is a little different. The idea is to emphasize your features without overstating the makeup. Also, there’s the camera to consider. Makeup always looks different on camera than it does in the mirror. 
The first step is to find a makeup artist. Some hair specialists are part of a beauty team, so this may not be difficult. Otherwise, I have a list of people my previous clients have used and adored. From there, you’ll consult with your chosen makeup artist.
During the consultation, you’ll want to bring up the hairstyle(s) you’re considering and your brand theming elements. Your artist may be able to work your brand colors in subtly. If possible, you should test the makeup with the outfits and hair you’re considering.
Once you’ve picked a style, your makeup artist should be able to give you a timeframe so you can build your photoshoot morning schedule. Remember to build in commute time, especially if your hairstylist is at a different location.