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Cosplay Professional Photography Sessions

Welcome Cosplayers

I am a professional photographer.  That means not only from a business perspective (licensing, insurance, cosplay agreement taxes etc) but from how I carry myself on a shoot. When you hire me for a session, you are a client and treated as such.  I am in service to you. For the past 5 years I have been photographing Colorado Cosplayers on location.  I don't typically attend conventions or do convention shoots.  I typically photograph individual cosplayers or small groups.  From time to time I do larger groups but am pretty selective on which and whom I will work with.  You can see some of my cosplay work here.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and I want to make sure I showcase your costume in best possible way.  What it takes on my end is great communication with you also gear and lighting, helping you with your posing, and then post processing your images.

My gear includes but is not limited to:  Battery pack strobe lighting, lighting gels, softboxes for diffusing the light just right, multiple lenses tho I typically shoot with my 24-70mm and prime lenses. Tripods, light stands and so on.  I also always have a backup camera incase something happens. 


To create the best images and have a successful session, this requires a true collaborative effort.  What does that mean?  In order to capture your amazing work, it is good to make sure we communicate about what your session should look like.  What kind of look you're wanting in the final images, anything specific you want to focus on, what the images are going to be used for, location, scheduling, and more.

Some Important Tips

  • Practice posing, and keep images on your cell phone that you would like to do for the character
  • Make sure your costumes are complete and nothing loose or hanging.  I really can't convey enough how important it is to IRON any costumes or make sure they are not wrinkled.  Every wrinkle shows. 
  • If you have furry friends, a pet hair lint roller is helpful.  
  • Makeup - GREAT makeup makes my job 100% easier.  Make sure to reduce shine if possible using a good matte concealer.    

On Location/Studio

On location can be inside or outside and a location of your choice. It also can be at a studio.  I prefer to collaborate on location.  I want to make sure the location is right in terms of lugging gear around, lighting, time of day, the public, etc.   Many locations require permit fee's.  If the location is one that requires a fee it will be up to the cosplayer or group to pay.  Many times, I know of perfect locations so collaborating on this is always helpful for the best shoot possible.  But I am open to hearing what you want of course.  I always suggest that folks bring some water and munchies so they aren't super hungry and it's important to stay hydrated.


I typically take MANY images during our sessions.  After our shoot,  I go thru all the images and decide which is the best of my work and your work.   I typically suggest 2 weeks but will do sneak peeks on social media for you.  If you have time restraints on wanting the images sooner, please let me know.  I am flexible depending on my work load that month.  During holiday season, I get pretty busy. Images should not be edited by cosplayer.

Image usage

All copyrights still belong to Photographer of Life, LLC.  This is the same with any photographers work. I will provide you with both watermark and also print ready images depending on what your investment purchase is.  The watermark images are for using online.  Please do NOT crop my work or my watermark. No images should be posted online without a watermark.  This is for both your protection and mine of theft and are low resolution.  High resolution images should typically not be put online if they are not going to be protected with a watermark. The print ready images are for PRINT ONLY. Such as prints, posters, cards etc. If you are going to sell your work, that's fine by me but the online system you use should have a watermark capability incorporated. 

My Requirements During Session

  • No cell phone shots on set or of me working.  
  • Be on time for sessions
  • signed agreement



Session prices start from $75 depending on project, #of people, time, location

Rate for group sessions varies, depending on project. 


NOTE:  My schedule is pretty busy as cosplay photography is not my main work.  Therefore a reservation fee is required.   This fee can be used if you have to reschedule only ONCE.  Please reschedule no later than 1 week of our session. 

 $50 Non-refundable reservation which is applied to your balance. 

Additional editing: $20 per edit/per image