Digital File Pricing

Understanding High Resolution (High Res) vs Lo Resolution (LoRes) 

Lo-Res images have around 72-pixels, (squares of color) per inch (ppi). This makes them great for the web, because that’s all your computer screen will display, anyhow. They also are smaller enough so they help websites load quickly.

Hi-res images are at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi). This resolution makes for good print quality, and is a requirement for anything that you want hard copies of, especially to represent your brand or other important printed materials. 

Single files

$25 - Low resolution file
A low resolution file, is typically used for online.  It also typically requires a watermark to display online. This file is not suitable for printing.  It is reduced in size and can be printed up to 4x6 only.  This purchase comes with a partial license. Read license info here.

$65 - High Resolution file
A full resolution file is the full image from the camera for printing such as prints, large prints, banners, and other types of print needs, can also be used online, will not be watermarked.  Also, comes with a partial license.  Read license terms here. 

$300 - License released file

$40 - High end edits per file
(can include skin softening, wrinkle softening/removal, teeth changes, blemish removal, removal of unwanted elements, background changes, effects, manipulations)



Low Resolution Files High Resolution Files Full License Files

Package A - $150

10 Low Resolution Files from shoot with basic edits


Package B - $350

25 Low Resolution files from shoot with basic edits.


Package C - $800

100 Low Resolution Files from Shoot Basic edits (light, sharpening, etc) 

Package D - $350

10 High Resolution Files from shoot with basic edits


Package E - $650

25 High Resolution files from shoot with basic edits.


Package F - $1055
100 Files from Shoot Basic edits  


Package G - $750

10  Files 


Package H - $950

25 files


Package I - $3055
100 Files


* * Extra for high end edits

*** All files except where noted are still licensed by Photographer Of Life, LLC.  All terms 


Note: Basic editing is typically included in all work. 
light adjustments, sharpening, shadows etc)

High end edits are an extra cost.