I often work with Cosplayers or others free of charge because it might be something I creatively really want to do.  After all, cosplay shoots really got me into wanting to do more creative portraits.  I do accept donations if a cosplayer so chooses but its not expected.

Since I do these shoots for basically nothing, I do have a few requirements that I would prefer followed in working together.  Thru the years of experience I have learned that these serve best to make a great shoot and provide a fair agreement.  

The Shoot

  • Please be on time.  Some shoots are really time specific.  
  • I do want the shoot to be fun for all of us.  Some shoots will require preparation depending on what it is.  For example I will choose certain location, bring props, etc.  I consider this part of the image concept in making more interesting photographic art.  
  • Please share your ideas with me prior to the shoot or on set.
  • Feel free to have ideas via imagery on your phones to share with me.  For example poses etc.
  • Please do not take pictures with your cell phones during the shoots.  That's why I am there. You can take them before or after.
  • If you want to do a behind the scene video with your phone that's fine, but don't include me in it.  I prefer no behind the scenes video of me working unless it is by my marketing person.  


  • As creator of the images I hold all copyrights to them.  I will use the images on my website or social media outlets.
  • You are free to use watermarked images on your website or social media outlets.  No images should be online without watermarks.  This is for your protection and mine.
  • Please do not crop, edit or use any overlays with my work unless consulting me.    
  • Please tag Photographer Of Life, LLC if you do post them online or social media.  I am also on instagram, flicker, deviant art etc.
  • I will tag you in any of my postings to whatever accounts you would like.  For example your cosplay pages.
  • If you don't want me to use an image, please let me know, I typically have no problems complying if for some reason you don't like one of the images  I am a very fair person.
  • Images used for print or other avenues for self promotion, will most probably be granted if you just ask me.  But please obtain a quality version.  I don't want pixelated or poor quality images out there representing me or my brand.
  • If you need a higher resolution image, I am happy to oblige just let me know.  For example, sometimes website or contests require high res.
  • Typically I ask for at least 3 - 4 weeks for completed images.  However, most times I am already posting images and sneak peeks the same day. 
  • If you prefer to review and approve images before they are posted online.  I respect that and have no problem meeting your request.  Just let me know.


  • Please provide at least a weeks notice if you are going to reschedule or cancel.  I have clients that I might have turned away to do this shoot so it wouldn't be fair to me and my time and I will do the same.  I typically won't cancel unless I am very ill, or something is an emergency.  I have not cancelled a shoot yet.  


Tips for amazing shoots and great images:

  • Inspect your costumes before your shoot.  They might need to be ironed or steamed.  Less wrinkles the better the pictures. 
  • Good makeup goes a long way.  It makes editing much easier.  
  • Completed costumes.  Please have your costumes complete for our shoot, otherwise let's reschedule. 


After the shoot

Posting images to social media:  When you share your images on FB, you are marketing yourself.  Take some of these notes into consideration.  A blog post by Ginny Di.  4 reasons your cosplay marketing isn't working.